John in ColmarJohn’s passion to understand the places which inspired many great composers sparked his involvement in ACE Cultural Tours.

During these tours he likes to take tour-parties to the locations where the music was conceived.  Where possible he plays this music in the composers’ own homes. This has included Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Haydn, Grieg, Liszt and Handel. Even when confined to UK concert halls, John will always take time to explain the context in which the music to be performed was written.

What the Tour Delegates said:

‘The Haydn Festival exceeded all my expectations and I felt we got the very best out of it thanks to your excellent leadership. The whole week was a real joy and your friendly (apparently) relaxed style set just the right tone for everything. Many,many thanks for all you did to make it such a superb time.’

‘I’ve been around nearly 70 years and I really think I’ve NEVER had such a happy holiday… and all the while to be looked after by our Good Shepherd, never nagging, never moaning, just causing us all to be THERE for the next treat at the right time and the right place.’

‘An “ACE ” holiday in every sense….and all stemming from your brilliant leadership: personal,witty, flexible, and always giving from your great reservoir of artistry!’